Monthly Archives: December 2005

Still on kernel hacking slow start

Failed on a promise to Andrea Bittau to review his CCID2 patches, but at least provided him with some feedback of my dislike for the “fastlane” stuff in his patch, as I said to him in private mail I’ll try tomorrow morning to finally do this task.

In the previous days I was also distracted by the kernel sources include hell, while introducing something I proposed and Dave said he was ok with it, sk_receive_skb, for the common sequence at the bottom of some layer 3 protocols, such as DCCP v4 and v6 and TCP v6 (TCPv4 has the preload stuff that has to be generalised first before we can use sk_receive_skb on it), and also inet_sk_receive_skb and inet6_sk_receive_skb, wrapping the xfrm routine just before the by then present sk_receive_skb call, in the process I fixed a fair number of “needed header not included but got for free from some header actually included” cases, putting some forward declarations for things like struct module (#include linux module.h was unneeded in some cases).

If you want to see a glimpse of this hell look no further than the output of an old script I wrote that uses graphviz (see my acme area for ghviz and hviz), the one for tcp.h is here.

DCCPv6 Submitted

3 patches still remaining from a previous life, aka the two days I actually took to implement this code, before my wife health problems, now I’m getting used to having a life back, so hacking has to cope with its rightful second place in my life, but I’ll get used to it, as its much better for all the people I love, including myself 🙂

DCCPv6: Almost There

Today I flushed a series of patches generalising some more networking code to pave the way to introduce IPv6 support for DCCP, the last changeset in a series of 6 has a “we’re close to the end” comment, but it is kinda misleading, as there are some more changesets in my queue that have to be submitted before we really get to introduce DCCPv6, oh well, tomorrow I’ll continue.