Monthly Archives: November 2006

Fight bloat, save some bytes here and there

Since I’ve wrote pahole & friends I’ve just announced it, posting some results to lkml Andrew Morton has made good use of it uninlining some big functions, but I was sidetracked with all sort of things, life, Real Work(tm) and whatnot, not many people got interested tho, so I thought about doing myself a witch hunt, looking for structs with holes, DaveM has picked all the ones I’ve submitted on net/, now I’ve been working on reducing netfilter struct holes (note that due to utter slowness in the mirroring process not all of the csets where at this URL as of this blog entry time), and got out of my shyness to post at least one for non networking stuff, struct inode and will go, in the next days, attack other things such as struct task_struct that has some holes too, so lets see how people react to such patches, that of course have to be taken with a grain of salt, as moving things around in such core structures is not a straigthforward mission, locality of reference may well justify some of the holes, that is why I implemented –cacheline(_size) on pahole 🙂


OK, stopped procrastrinating and got back working, this time using, cool service, everything working as expected so far, still have to configure the dyndns bits, using ddclient, thanks Aristeu for knocking my head on this one!

Now to get back at reviewing the excellent series of DCCP patches coded by Gerrit Renker, this guy is really putting a lot of effort in getting DCCP on Linux to the next level.

Promise, will try to keep this blog alive, next thing probably to report will be about pahole and the 7 dwarves 😎