Monthly Archives: February 2006

Saturating Bandwidth!

DCCP progressing nicely, merged a fair number of patches and have some more in the backburner.

Cleaned up the RSBAC debugging code, thousands of lines replaced by a pr_debug like macro, already merged, probably will work on some more cleanups before getting into some refactorings, but its something completely new to me, so lets see how this thread goes.

Also got ostra simplified and on track for improvements to get it in shape for OLS, where I’ll do a presentation about it. One of these improvements is support for userland apps, with Xlib as the first victim 🙂

In LLC land: have to find time to help a friend working on MPI over LLC, but this codebase needs a revamp, perhaps I’ll dig my old net-experimental-2.6.1 tree where I played with converting LLC to use sk_prot, etc.

And to use the last bandwidth bits I’ll present a talk about the current status of Linux IPv6 at Sao Paulo’s LinuxWorld, in a few months.

Window growing…

Finally managed to merge Andrea Bittau work on ack vector records and CCID2, after reworking some bits.

Also made ostra for the first time work with a userspace app, in fact a library, next week will continue working with Gustavo Boiko on tracing not just the Xdisplay (IIRC) struct, but the Xevent one as well (that thing is in need of some of the treatment I gave struct sock in the linux kernel some years ago, class hierarchy with per Xevent derived class slab caches, etc).