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Thank you Jeff & Aristeu

Someplace -> My home: Aristeu Rozanski
My home -> usefulness: Jeff Garzik (best guess)

[root@doppio tb]# mount | grep tera
/dev/mapper/teravg1-teralv1 on /media/tb type ext3 (rw)
[root@doppio tb]#
[root@doppio tb]# lspci | grep SATA
00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7 Family) SATA AHCI Controller (rev 02)
16:00.0 Mass storage controller: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3512 [SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller (rev 01)
[root@doppio tb]#
root@doppio tb]# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
16251816 14685780 727176 96% /
74116232 24936588 45355968 36% /home
/dev/sda1 2030736 163560 1762356 9% /boot
tmpfs 1025588 2460 1023128 1% /dev/shm
/dev/sdc1 57685532 43834840 10920440 81% /media/disk-1
961428808 428881904 483709068 47% /media/tb
[root@doppio tb]#

right to self-defense

Cool, gitmo is located in the free world after all.

Virtual doesn’t hurts as much as Real Life: !wii session

Today went with friends to do some non-Wii bowling. What can I say? My fingers are hurting. Yeah, I suck in real life. Nah, back at home listening to some torrents, nevermind I have the CDs for 20 years, just that those Metallica songs are so buried in layers of dust I found it easier to pound my ears with something freshly downloaded 😎 My 5 years old niece still knows nothing about torrents and stuff, but she beats me hands down on the not-so-heavy-as-real-life Wii bowling. She will learn, but lets not hurry her…

Kernel hacking mostly…

The “mostly” allows me to celebrate my most recent non-kernel-hacking, at least personally, interesting news: I’m keeping up with jogging, now trying to get past the confortable part of jogging, over-achiever, not really… only 17:44.06 on a 3.3 KM circuit at Barigui, if only da beers would keep some distance from myself…

Some hops thru the USA

So I’ll be flying two hours from now, with a little layover at Sao Paulo trying to be cautions about the brazilian hellish flying russian roulette, that should be past news by now, but would you take any chances on a _real_ russian roulette? me neither.

So I’ll be on the east coast for some 4 days and then on another hop, close to the canadian border in the west coast for 4 days more, then back home, so expect no news (or just a few, to pester ya with news about you know what 😉 ).

Fuck for all to see

Want to get your paycheck boosted? Go to a beach, find some celebrity going down the drain, fuck her, make sure that it will get recorded and sent to some place where it’ll get into the screens of curious people, share the profits, yes, it is that easy.

Its not easy to be a brazilian, judges could help our people feel more proud after all the messes we’ve been seeing from people supposed to be keeping law, order and decency, go, go, set the standards, but please, don’t make it to be so lame as they are right now.

Update: some friends even thought that my machine was invaded for such a rude language, sorry, but to provide some context on the outrage that is motivating many such blog posts look no further than here.

RMS being the first to talk about the “Open Source” idea

Nah, I never commented on anybody’s blog, but this was over the top, Richard, you should really try to experience some online translation service, if you want to get your blood pressure over what is needed to lose some weight, and as I’m trying do so, go, quick, read Avi Alkalay’s blog!

5th dwarf fighting for attention

After all it will be eclipsed by the 6th, and then by the long cherished 7th, the one that will trigger the 1.0 pahole (btw, the 1st dwarf!) release. So, without too much ado, ctracer, the aforementioned current dwarf, is making great inroads into being something useful to more than one person, perhaps, but anyway, I’m getting short on time, my wife is almost ready for us to enjoy the current weather here in Curitiba, after our beloved cocker spaniel got his nail cut way too short, bleeding :-(, well, continue reading from here

DCCPv6 Submitted

3 patches still remaining from a previous life, aka the two days I actually took to implement this code, before my wife health problems, now I’m getting used to having a life back, so hacking has to cope with its rightful second place in my life, but I’ll get used to it, as its much better for all the people I love, including myself 🙂

Trying to Get Back

Life is getting back to normal, finally. I’m now trying to get my dccpv6 tree, that (guess what) generalises lots more stuff among TCP and DCCP v4 and v6 and that will ultimately introduce IPv6 support for DCCP.

Tomorrow I’ll try to continue this work and post about the new family member, Micaela, a lovely female persian kitten 🙂

If everything goes well I’ll even dare to start working on NFS over DCCP next month, that should provide a nice way for me to test the DCCP code without resorting to userland programming 😎