Still on kernel hacking slow start

Failed on a promise to Andrea Bittau to review his CCID2 patches, but at least provided him with some feedback of my dislike for the “fastlane” stuff in his patch, as I said to him in private mail I’ll try tomorrow morning to finally do this task.

In the previous days I was also distracted by the kernel sources include hell, while introducing something I proposed and Dave said he was ok with it, sk_receive_skb, for the common sequence at the bottom of some layer 3 protocols, such as DCCP v4 and v6 and TCP v6 (TCPv4 has the preload stuff that has to be generalised first before we can use sk_receive_skb on it), and also inet_sk_receive_skb and inet6_sk_receive_skb, wrapping the xfrm routine just before the by then present sk_receive_skb call, in the process I fixed a fair number of “needed header not included but got for free from some header actually included” cases, putting some forward declarations for things like struct module (#include linux module.h was unneeded in some cases).

If you want to see a glimpse of this hell look no further than the output of an old script I wrote that uses graphviz (see my acme area for ghviz and hviz), the one for tcp.h is here.

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