tcp_diag and tp->ca_ops turn

I have been working now to remove the last TCP specific bits in net/ipv4/tcp_diag.c, and to accomplish this the TCP CA avoidance infrastructure will be moved to struct inet_connection_sock, antecipating something I planned to do anyway, i.e. to generalise this infrastructure to use it in DCCP and who knows, even turn it into a generic infrastructure for use by other protocols or even other unrelated kernel areas (whee, here I’m possibly going over the top, time will tell).

But this will have to wait till later today, time to have some sleep.

Ah, I also have fully read David Miller’s excellent pages documenting the struct sk_buff internals, and had some ideas… nah, lets leave this for later, after DCCP and TCP refactorings gets to a good shape.

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