Better Test Environment

Revived my A500 PARISC64 machine, upgrading to latest Debian unstable and installing a tg3 gigabit ethernet card, now it is my noisy internal router, with the added bonus of being a big endian, 64 bit machine, where we can test DCCP, in the kernel and the apps, like tcpdump, that after some tweaking seems to be working. Too bad the openssl library isn’t optimized for parisc64-linux (according to Grant on the #parisc-linux channel), git is slow to a crawl due to that.

On the DCCP kernel front I’ve been working on CCID3, experimenting with different CCID infrastructure hooks, reading Juwen Lai’s old stack for 2.4.20.

Also found a bit of time to write ostra-mstats, that collects profiling data out of the data already probed, and now that I have a faster test environment the simplistic collector shows its defficiencies and gets in the way, have to move on to relayfs, when I get it working well with relayfs, steal some of the ccache ideas to make ostra become in fact the preprocessor that it really is, get a web page for in place for Rusty, etc I’ll finally announce this toy. 🙂

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